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Your Words, Straight Up.

This is copywriting that’s all about you telling your people what you’re about, in your voice.

You have loads of passion and you’re ready to take it online. A new business, a new offer, a new invention, a new cause. Or maybe you’re refreshing your current website to be mobile-responsive, millennial-friendly, or deliciously cool.

How to say it?

How to pack the right punch for your home page? How to write a bio that isn’t a brag? How to appeal, instantly, to your right people (and repel the ones who just don’t get you)?

The time-starved are going to skim your copy; the click-happy are going to bounce around; the researchers are going to ponder every word; your mom needs to know what it is you actually do.

I provide the words you need so they pop with your personality, hold onto your right buyer and inspire action!

Right now you might be plagued with:
  • Too much to say
  • A complicated offering
  • Limp, tired sentences
  • Cliché-a-pa-looza
  • A bio that bugs you
  • Mixed metaphors
  • A fear of sounding too sales-ey
Your credibility, your brand personality and your sales pitch all live online. So you’ll need copywriting that will:
  • Radiate your passion
  • Communicate your intelligence and credibility
  • Make your people feel at home
  • Save everybody valuable decision-making time
  • Prompt action and understanding (and sales!)

“What I loved so much was how quickly Kate got what I needed, developed a plan of action, and tweaked and massaged my words into delightful prose. She’s fun, real, reliable and reasonable. Kate’s definitely someone I’ll be coming back to time and time again for compelling copy and savvy strategies.”

Michelle MacLean
The Sugar Shift with Michelle MacLean
Halifax, NS

Your words – shaken, stirred, with POP.

My gift is distilling ideas while keeping your personality intact. In fact, most of my clients are excellent and prolific writers. Their passion for what they do and how it makes the world better is what I love most about them. They just need an ally’s eye to help them focus, filter, and make sure the flavour comes through.

“Wow. wow. wow. wow. That’s (happy expletive) amazing. She’s hired for life. Just like that – she got it.”

Carmen Cool MA, LPC
Psychotherapist, Educator and Activist
Boulder, CO

My work with entrepreneurs involves at least one phone/Skype call – because if we’re working together to create copy that peals with your personality and passion, I have to hear you get excited!

Here’s what creating your web copy will look like:
  1. Call Number 1: a No Obligation phone call to discuss what you need & what stage you’re at. Then I can provide an accurate Estimate for your project – every project is different (but see below for typical costs).
  2. Homework! A Tone of Voice Questionnaire for you to fill out to help me hone in on your Brand Personality; and a Site Purpose Questionnaire to help us get your words to work.
  3. Call Number 2: Content collection – what exists, what you can provide, what we’re waiting for, and what your site layout may look like so I can get an idea of word count.
  4. Confirm Estimate, & Bill for half.
  5. Draft One Word Document, annotated because I like to “talk” you through my writing choices. Draft One will include
    – Headlines & Subheads
    – Tagline if you need it
    – Call-To-Action on every page
    – Organic SEO terms
    – A short Bio that can be used for Social Media profiles
    – Key metaphors and themes that you can use to keep writing.
    I like to deliver Draft One within 5 working days of collecting all the content.
  6. First Draft Feedback, however you like to deliver it: a call, or email if you prefer marking up the document.
  7. Draft Two Word Document that incorporates your revisions, addresses your concerns and fills any holes we’ve identified. I like to try to deliver Draft Two within 3 working days of getting your revisions. With Draft Two you’ll have what you need to flow into your website template or provide to your web designer.
  8. But wait – we’re not done! Once your new copy is live, or in beta testing, I’ll go through it again to check for typos, check links, tweak your opt-in or sign-up process, re-jig if needed for ease of reading.
  9. Exit Questionnaire in which we express our mutual admiration and agree to go for drinks whenever we get to the same city. Seriously, it pretty much always ends this way.

“I want to just reach through the computer and hug you. I feel so relieved to have asked for your help. And your work is superb. It’s thrilling.”

Molly Morrissey
Traditional Astrologer, Coach & Vision Consultant
Seattle WA

“Having Kate on my team means that I can fully trust my final words to have the impact I need them to have and it saves me soooo much time from stressing out and getting stuck in the weeds. This kind of support is invaluable to me. Kate has a way of really seeing you and your work and helping you shine even more brightly.”
Jac McNeil
Thought Partner & Coach for Women Entrepreneurs
Fall River, NS

Here is what it will TYPICALLY COST for:

Website Bones

  • Home Page copy (including headlines, a bio summary, tagline options, newsletter sign-up copy or similar, button copy)
  • About Page (your story, your bio, credentials)
  • Services Landing Page plus 2 Sales Pages linking from this Landing Page (for instance 1:1 Coaching; Upcoming E-Group Session; Speaking Engagements)


Single Pages

  • Is This You? page describing your right person/ ideal client
  • Work with Me/How I Work, describing, in detail, your approach
  • Opt-In Landing Page, offering something free in exchange for an email address
  • Additional Sales Pages


I have a nice, clean desk in a No-Drama-zoned, quiet space just waiting for your words.

If you need your web content shaken, stirred, and served back with a twist, Contact Me Here.

Please note: While I can’t provide Web Design, Web Development, or Hosting services, I know awesome people who can! If you need a team to create your site from scratch, just let me know.