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May 2017 be clean and sparkly

My boys fake-barfed when I said my word for 2017 would be ‘clean’. Agreed, it doesn’t sound like an epic affirmation. But, like every word I choose, it is true and weighty. Eating cleaner, clear intentions, removing clutter, cleaning up in business (that means fewer freebies and more charging market value for my work), cutting through distraction, staying focused on the goals I’ve set. That’s what clean means for me. At which point the boys agreed that, okay, as long as it didn’t mean they had to start putting their (ed note *countless*) shoes away. I agree with them, though. Clean doesn’t conjure up the sense of play and curiosity I’m bringing to my biz this year. So I’m pulling out a synonym: sparkle. It’s a word that’s way more unicorny than I’d usually employ. And good for me. I could use a bit more unicorn power in my cleaning. Word for the Year has been a thing for a while. Maybe I’ll make Synonyms for the Year my thing. What’s your word? Does it come with a synonym that brings different superpowers along?sparklefor2017