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How to Put More POV in Your Copy

How to Put More POV in Your CopyWe all know it’s not what you do but why you do it. That’s what makes people love working with you. Your clients want to feel your passion, catch your enthusiasm, and align with your values. Your favourite clients will identify with your particular Point Of View, get a kick out of working with you, and feel more connected, thinking, ‘I know, right?’

Great entrepreneurs have a solid vision for their business, which includes their ‘why’. You may have worked incredibly hard to identify and name your Why, or maybe it’s always been super clear to you.

Either way, it becomes your elevator pitch, your mission statement, your value statements, a Pinterest board, or (if you’re like me) a dedicated designer notebook filled with random phrases that capture this kind of qualitative framing:

  1. I believe…
  2. I know…
  3. I understand…
  4. I am positive that…
  5. What I know for sure is…

This is the powerful stuff that needs to get out of your notebook and into your copy.

So how do you share your POV with the online world?

Whatever copy I’m working with – words for a website, a sales page, social media posts, newsletter copy, email marketing – the biggest gift I can give my clients is to make sure their Why shines through. And here How to Put More POV in Your CopyHow to Put More POV in Your Copyare a few places you can use those Why statements to make sure it does:

Headlines and subheads

These kind of statements make great headlines. Not only do they break up long copy with a punchy truism, if someone is skimming your web copy and is only paying attention to the headlines, they’ll still get it.


Displaying core beliefs, meaningful quotes, and values in their own framed space is a great way to make them immediately clear. They become an important design element, and as an image can be meta-tagged with a title that improves your SEO too!

How to Put More POV in Your CopyYour Tagline

Argh – your own tagline can be the hardest thing in the world to come up with! It needs to be short, pithy, clear, memorable, and infused with your personality. So, you’ve got this one core belief that really drives your business…. Why not try that on for size? It doesn’t always work, but it can be a great start.

I got lucky – my persistent belief that words wield great power suited my castle-y logo.

Your Email Close

You can’t just leave an email dangling. You have to wrap it up somehow, and if there’s no clear, immediate call-to-action, affirming a strong belief works too! Like this one:

How to Put More POV in Your Copy

A Manifesto

Some entrepreneurs need to declare their core beliefs strongly and clearly for their audience. Setting them apart in a ‘manifesto’, as a distinct page within their website, feels like the right thing to do. It’s your promise to your clients that you will stay honest and true throughout your work together.

The first step is articulating your own Why – those powerful beliefs that drive you to do business, your way, each day. As soon as you have a few POV sentences, add them to your copy so your Why is clear, intriguing and inviting. Then you’ll find those clients who align. I know, right?

Thanks for reading! Got copy questions? Ever hit a word wall? For more tips and tales visit me at katebcastle.ca.