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Kindly, Kate.

Powerful words with a gentle touch.

I’m very lucky to do what I do. I have a beautiful office that is blissfully quiet. I have clients who appreciate a good turn of phrase and understand the power of persuasion. I have a reliable internet provider so I can email/text/skype and message my work around the world. I have a family who doesn’t ask too many questions.

Meet Kate Bonnycastle, CopywriterI have designed my business to be kind.

My clients are kind. Most of my clients are helping their clients, in some important way. Their work is important to them, and so it is important to me. I feel privileged to learn about their efforts, explore their unique voice, and help them find the words to tell the world. We are all bombarded with messages – why not infuse them with passion and joy? Yes, even the emails. That’s why I sign-off mine with “Kindly, Kate.”

I believe that business writing can be artful. It can be entertaining, refreshing, fun, inspiring, and kind.

(It can also be lazy, flat, cliché, confusing, misleading and grammatically incorrect. But who wants that?)

Why be flat when you can sparkle instead?

I’m aspire to be the Britta Filter of business copy. Pour in your ideas, key messages, first drafts and I’ll filter out what’s extra, clarify what’s important, shake up the writing, add fizz, sparkle and pop.

“I’ve worked with several copy writers over the past 10 years but Kate is now my one and only. She is an excellent listener, asks the best questions and has a way of helping me amplify my message so that it is much more compelling and resonant for my right people. I’m already a really good writer but I still send my drafts to Kate because she consistently takes them from great to AMAZING. Kate’s approach is creative, professional and warm, she has a way of really seeing you and your work and helping you shine even more brightly.”

Jac McNeil
Thought Partner & Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

The people I work with are already great writers who appreciate good writing. But writing isn’t their core business. They’re happier, and more passionate about, healing or coaching or creating or funding or inventing or doing whatever they’ve discovered is their way to serve the world.

So I jump in, soak up their info, and provide the writing they need to get their job done. I apply the rules of effective communication AND the literary techniques of creative writing (tempo, metaphor, parallel structure, alliteration, spotless grammar).

You get Persuasive Writing that POPs.

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