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Kate Bonnycastle, Words Rule, Copywriter

Words Rule

and that’s why you might need a copywriter.

Words have power. Let’s use that power for good, wielding words with care and consideration. I help all sorts of people with loads of passion and great ideas find the words to tell the world.


Copywriting that POPs

Tell your story. Make your sale. Charm your audience.

I’m here to banish bland business writing, one ‘Services’ page at a time. I get right to the root of what makes you, and your clients, special, and then infuse all your copy with personality, warmth, and invitation.

For start-ups who need a web presence, or agencies who need a pinch-hitter to fill a gap: I’m a quick study, an enthusiastic partner, and determined to make every message pop.

Marketing and PR Copywriting via KateBCastle.ca
Hey Web Designers here's your copywriter via KateBCastle.ca

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Out There for Introverts by Kate Bonnycastle

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Meet Kate Bonnycastle, CopywriterI’m a Halifax, NS-based freelance copywriter with a client-service background. My heart spins the art while my brain is all-business. I work with self-employed Coaches, Healers, Creatives and Game-changers as well as Ad Agencies and Web Designers who need persuasive copy, served up with love.

More about HOW I WORK.

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"This kind of support is invaluable to me. Kate has a way of really seeing you and your work and helping you shine even more brightly.”

- Jac McNeil Thought Partner & Coach for Women Entrepreneurs
"I want to just reach through the computer and hug you. I feel so relieved to have asked for your help. And your work is superb. It’s thrilling."

- Molly Morrissey Traditional Astrologer, Coach & Vision Consultant Seattle WA
“Wow. wow. wow. wow. That's (happy expletive) amazing. She's hired for life. Just like that- she got it.”

- Carmen Cool MA, LPC Psychotherapist, Educator and Activist Boulder, CO
“What I loved so much was how quickly Kate got what I needed, developed a plan of action, and tweaked and massaged my words into delightful prose. She's fun, real, reliable and reasonable.”

Michelle MacLean, The Sugar Shift with Michelle MacLean, Halifax, NS

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Kate Bonnycastle, MENSA
Kate Bonnycastle, Plain Language
Kate Bonnycastle, Hubspot Academy
Kate Bonnycastle, platform Prosperity Member

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